Vertimax Training for Athletic Development


he VertiMax Training System is designed to maximize speed, vertical jump and overall athletic performance for athletes of all ages, from youth to professional level, and for a variety of sports. Designed for athletes of all skill levels, vertimax allows for sport-specific training to maximize potential.

VertiMax was designed to provide athletes with superior resistance band training while eliminating the drawbacks that come along with conventional elastic band work. The VertiMax platform contains up to eight adjustable resistance bands that apply unchanging resistance and never go slack. Unlike conventional elastic band training, VertiMax provides consistent resistance throughout the entire movement, even upon initiation. Also, the resistance doesn’t radically increase when stretched like traditional bands, so individuals won’t struggle trying to maintain balance. Athletes benefit from high-velocity resistance band speed training for just about any athletic motion.

Arm swing actually accounts for 10-12 percent of jump potential and the VertiMax platform gives athletes the ability to train for power in leg drive and arm swing simultaneously. Proper athletic training that includes VertiMax can add 6-8 inches of vertical and shave 2-3/10 of a second off a 100-yard sprint, which is why VertiMax is not only used by top-notch professional and college teams around the country, it is also used by first-rate training gyms to train athletes of all ages. For years, athletes at Bodies by Mahmood have been gaining the ultimate competitive edge with the help of the VertiMax training platform.

Football and lacrosse players gain explosive speed and acceleration.

Basketball players can dramatically improve vertical jump and hip flexor strength to change directions rapidly.

Golfers can maximize swing potential and maximize distance on drives.

Volleyball players develop remarkable defensive and offensive abilities with escalated vertical jumps and side-to-side speed.

Boxers benefit from high-velocity resistance training to throw rapid high-impact punches while maintaining swift agility.

Track & field athletes build explosive off-the-block power, top-end speed, and vertical leap

Baseball/softball players maximize quick hands and feet, improving glove-to-throw potential, range and base running technique.

Soccer players develop game speed and velocity, kicking power and great vertical leaping abilities.

VertiMax provides perfect conditioning for weight lifters to avoid the slow/strong stigma by adding speed and balance training

Tennis players benefit from hip flexor resistance training to quickly change directions while improving swing velocity.

Cheer & dance athletes can develop exaggerated jump potential and tumbling speed.

Check out one of our athletes leveraging both the Vertimax trainer as well as an added twist of Hypoxico high-altitude training:

The VertiMax is helping athletes get the results they can see when it counts: in competition, winning games and making plays. At Bodies by Mahmood, one of their many goals is to build superior athletes as well as provide unmatched training services for individuals looking to get reach their highest level of fitness.