What Does Old Fashioned Letter Writing Have to do with Getting Recruited?

Learn How to Stand Out from Other High School Athletes


We live in a high tech, social media age, where coaches and can text recruits, tweet them, or even friend them on Facebook. And if you are a 5-star recruit, this will probably happen. But what if you are like 99% of the high school athletes out there, who have to hustle to catch the attention of a college coach? How do you stand out then?

Be Proactive

Although there are rules on when a college coach can speak with prospective recruits, you as a student-athlete can contact the school, send the coaching staff your information, and even visit the school to tour the facilities. Being proactive and showing an interest in a program can help you stand out and have the coaching staff take notice of you.

Be Persistent

College coaches want athletes that really have an interest in their program and who want to become a contributing student at the college. After you introduce yourself, continue to keep in touch with the coaching staff. Let them know the reasons you want to compete for their team and what you really find interesting about the school. If you have a particularly good game, set a new record, master a new skill, or whatever goes with your sport, be sure to update the coach. He or she will want to know your progress, and it keeps you fresh in their minds.

Write a Pen and Paper Letter

As we said, this is a high tech age, but many of the coaches you will be contacting grew up in a pencil and paper time period. So, one of Mahmood's tips to the student athletes he works with is to stand out by writing a letter. Grab a pen and some stationary and address it to the coach. Not only will you be one of the very few communicating through this method, but oftentimes it will fit right into the coach's comfort zone. We guarantee he or she will remember you!

Want Some Other Tips?

You're invited to a special Student Athlete Open House on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30 pm, where Coach Bill Gierke, one of the most successful high school football coaches in Florida's history, will be speaking. He's helped countless athletes get recruited and play on the college level, and so he will be giving parents his advice and answering your questions. The information presented will be appropriate for all sports.

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