Fit At Forty: 4 Things That Change

4 Things That Change After 40


Fitness is never one-size fits all, and this includes as a person ages. The body continues to grow and develop throughout life, and it has different needs at different stages.

1) Muscle Loss

Starting at around age 30, the body begins to lose muscle mass, up to 3 to 5 percent each decade if you are not active. Scarpenia is the medical term for this, and what was once deemed inevitable, can now be fought by being active.

The worst thing about this muscle loss is it is frequently replaced with fat. While the scale may not show much change, the shape of your body will. Here at Bodies by Mahmood, we can tailor a specific workout to increase your strength and maintain or even build muscle mass.

2) Flexibility and Balance

Flexibility and balance both suffer from muscle loss and joint stiffness as you age. Flexibility is considered the third pillar of fitness (along with cardio and weight training) and can help reduce injuries and improve your balance.

Foam rollers are one of the most effective ways to increase your flexibility. It also helps rid your muscle tissue and connective tissue of tiny tears and inflammation. Foam rollers are a key part of our training, and each session ends with our trainers rolling you out. 

3) Your Weight Training

As you grow older, the focus of your weight training should shift from targeted muscle groups (arms day, legs day) to more functional training. Functional training is a whole body approach that targets muscles you use for everyday tasks, such as climbing stairs, getting up and down from chairs or the floor, as well as typically lifting, pulling, and pushing. 

4) Your Mindset

This isn't your parents' 40! Nope! Humans today are living far healthier lives than any other generation, and this means we are aging better, too. Many Mr. Olympia competitors are over 40. Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong is 43 years old. Many people are reporting feeling more fit than ever as they move into and past their forties.

If you keep these four things in mind as you approach your working out, you will continue to see the gains you want. 

We Can Help

Bodies by Mahmood can help you achieve your best fitness and have you feeling and looking great no matter your age. Stop by and let us give you a tour or start creating a training regimen customized just for you. We do private training or in small groups. Call (407) 422-3050 to find out more.