6 Reasons to Exercise Before Having a Baby

Why Exercise Leading Up to Pregnancy?


Babies bring an exciting change but there's no reason for you to sacrifice your body's health and fitness before, during, or after pregnancy. 

The first thing you should always do is get your physician's approval to either start or continue your physical exercise program. Once he or she signs off, it's time to start planning your body's upcoming journey.

There are a ton of great reasons to work on your fitness prior to getting pregnant. 

1. You'll gain less weight during pregnancy.

Research shows women who work out might gain 7 pounds less than those who don't.

2. Lower your risk of gestational diabetes.

Research shows you can decrease your risk of Type II diabetes. If you do develop it—and many fit women do because genetics and age play a significant role—exercise may help prevent or delay your need for insulin or other medications.

3. Your legs may have less swelling during pregnancy.

If your cardiovascular system is strong, it will be less affected by your body retaining more fluid during pregnancy. Between the extra fluid and your growing uterus putting pressure on your veins, impairing the return of blood to your heart. Exercise can limit swelling by improving blood flow.

4. Your labor may be shorter.

A recent study found that physically fit women who delivered vaginally experienced active labor for 4 hours and 24 minutes compared with 6 hours and 22 minutes for those who weren't. Of course, there are no guarantees, but by having a strong core and cardiovascular system, your body will also respond better to being under stress.

5. Your body will rebound faster.

Women who go into pregnancy already fit often find their body regains a close-to pre-pregnancy shape faster than those who were not physically fit to begin with. 

6. You'll feel more in control.

Pregnancy does weird things to a body, and so if you already have strong muscles and a good cardiovascular system, you can weather these changes. You got this! 

Ready to Get Started?

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