Playing College Basketball and Achieving Your Dreams

5 Tips to Play in College


So you're a high school basketball player and a pretty good one, too. Playing in college is on your goal list. Keep your grades up, score points, and the offers will come, right? If only it were that easy!

Yes, Chances Are Small

According to the NCAA, of the half million high school players, only 3.4% will actually make it to the collegiate level.

But Not Impossible

While chances are slim, this certainly doesn't mean impossible. We can help you gain the advantage on your competition, and help you find the right school's basketball program for you. With over 800 collegiate basketball programs, we can help you achieve the dream of playing.

1) Skills, Skills, Skills

Natural size and athletic ability are big advantages, but there are plenty of smaller players with less natural ability who persevere and become starters at programs all across the country. But these starting positions did not come overnight. Instead, it took years of training, playing in year-round leagues, attending basketball camps, and doing shooting, dribbling, and passing drills. 

2) Strength and Conditioning

We're not just talking muscle strength, but also cardiovascular endurance and coordination of muscle groups working together to perform at a high level. This is where we excel in helping student athletes. Knowing firsthand what college coaches are looking for, we train the overall body to perform specific skills. First, we focus on cardiovascular endurance using our high altitude training:

Next we focus on specific muscle groups key to basketball:

No other facility in Central Florida offers this sports-specific training. 

3) Passion

It doesn't matter how good you are if you don't love the game. Because when you move from high school to college ball (especially in Division I) the game is now your job. So we always ask students why they play. Do they like the awards and the recognition they get? Do the play because their parents expect it? You have to be absolutely sure you want to make college ball your "life" as compared to having a traditional college experience of non-athletes.

4) Good Grades

Grades are the great equalizer when it comes to college. A lesser-known high school player can gain the attention of college coaches by his outstanding grades, whereas a standout player will lose coaches' interest by being a poor student. Coaches want a player that they can work with and develop, so this means you must be able to perform scholastically on college-level. You demonstrate you can do this by being very successful at the high school level.

5) A Direct Line

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages we offer the student athletes we work with.  Throughout the years we have developed key relationships with college coaches across the nation. Our reputation of helping to develop extremely competitive student athletes is well known and our recommendations are trusted. By taking focusing on these 5 key areas, you can increase your chances of becoming a college basketball star. And, who knows? With hard work and perseverance, maybe in a few years we'll be cheering you on during March Madness!

Are You Ready to Play?

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