Call for Student Athletes

Major Opportunity for Those Student Athletes who Qualify

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Mahmood Ghaisarzadeh has been training student athletes and professional athletes for decades now and has become one of the most trusted sports trainers in Central Florida for two reasons:

  1. Mahmood produces results with his training, and
  2. He cares about the athletes as people, not commodities.

Unique Opportunity

Mahmood is always thinking of ways to promote local student athletes, and so he is excited to announce a special program to help advance those students who qualify. Mahmood is creating a  program that will include a college-prep education coupled with elite sports training.  And, best yet, financial aid scholarships will be available for those who qualify.

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Who Can Apply?

We want serious inquiries only from the following:

  • Boys and girls
  • Grade 6 and Up
  • All sports


If you are a parent of a potential student athlete (or are just curious about the program), call Mahmood for more information or to get started: (407)422-3050.