3 Tips for Summertime Nutrition


Training More Often Calls for More Food

Many students and parents often find more free time on their hands during the summer break and so fitness can be a greater priority. However, for those student athletes that are training two practices a day (or more) this means that fuel for the body is of utmost importance. Try to choose foods that are low in fat but high in protein, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich served on whole grain bread, or even yogurt with apples to dip in it. If you are training more often, this is not the time to start cutting calories or skipping meals!

Stay Hydrated

We live in the Sunshine State where temperatures routinely hit in the high nineties, and so your body can easily become dehydrated, even when training indoors. Consider purchasing a large, reusable water bottle to carry with you throughout the day. According to Podiatry Today: "When athletes engage in sport, they will lose a percentage of body weight through water loss. When their sweat loss exceeds fluid intake, athletes become dehydrated during activity. Dehydration of 1 to 2 percent of body weight begins to compromise physiologic function and negatively influences performance."

Choose Post-Workout Recovery Options

After a hard workout, the body will need extra help to replace vital nutrients in order to rebuild muscle. Consider options like chocolate milk, trail mix, or a turkey and cheese sandwich.

Making smart food choices is difficult for any of us, both for those who are upping their fitness workouts, nutrition can make a real impact on the results and the performance simply by putting some thought into your summer meal plans.